Welcome to foursquareguru.com!

In case you do not know me by now, I am thekruser. I have been bringing foursquare badge information to the masses for years…long before most of the other guys. When I got started, it was just me and Tony Felice.

Anyway, a for a short time I was away for business and was unable to keep my badge list updated. When I finally got back, it was so out of date that I just decided to start over…and here it is!

Why would I come to your site over the other guys?

I am glad you asked. In one word: collaboration. The other guys have fantastic lists! There is nothing wrong with them at all. However, you have to wait for them to update their lists to get the latest information. Here at foursquare guru.com, we like to do things a little different. Anyone can add a badge to the list with how they think you earn it. If someone disagrees, they can add their unlock instructions. Then, we all vote on which instructions we have found that works! Neat, huh?!?

There are badges missing from your site, bro!

Yeah…I know. I am working on it…and so can you! We can all work together to make the most comprehensive foursquare badge list on the internet! Just click the link at the top to add a badge. It is pretty simple.

I want to help!

I am glad to hear that! In the coming weeks I will be adding more and more Super Users. Right now, it is SU status is closed to new-comers, but that will not last long!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a look around and see what you think. Be sure to follow me at @4sqGuru to get the latest news!

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