The 4sqDay 2013 foursquare Badge

4sqDay 2013 foursquare badge on Brought to you by thekruser.

Status Retired
Type Core
Quote Happy 4sqDay! Find a new local business in Explore to try, and check out to see your year in check-ins.
Remarks No shout-out needed
Example View an example of the 4sqDay 2013 badge here.


How to get the 4sqDay 2013 foursquare badge

Vote for the instructions you think work. If you think you have it figured out and the real instructions are not listed, log in and add your idea. Together we can make the best list available on the internet!

Vote Instructions (who provided the instructions) Action
0 Check in to any venue on April 16th to receive the badge. (instructions provided by wildchild222)Log in to vote.
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Where to get the 4sqDay 2013 foursquare badge

This badge has been marked as either not being venue specific or so blatently obvious that listing venues is not necessary; thus no venues are being tracked. If you feel there is a reason we should be trracking venues, please submit this badge for Super User review and add your thoughts.
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