The Birdie foursquare Badge

Birdie foursquare badge on Brought to you by thekruser.

Status Active
Type Expertise
Quote Birdies. Eagles. Albatrosses. Gophers. It’s a wild world out there on the golf course. Now just stay out of those bunkers, check the wind, and get that backswing just right... you’re an ace away from a Green Jacket!
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How to get the Birdie foursquare badge

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Vote Instructions (who provided the instructions) Action
0 Checkin 5 times to the same “Golf Course” venue or to 3 unique “Golf Course” venues. To level up checkin to 5 more unique “Golf Course” venues (levels 2-10) (instructions provided by thekruser)Log in to vote.
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Where to get the Birdie foursquare badge

Venue Name (# of people who reporting getting it here) foursquare Categories
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