List of foursquare Badge Hot Spots

What is a "Badge Hot Spot"?

Foursquare players traverse the globe. As they do, they leave behind a quantum trail of check ins. Some of these check ins result in badges being awarded. As others go about their journeys and leave their trails, patterns begin to emerge and paths start to cross. It is inevitable that at some of these points, multiple badge awards will become visible. This list seeks to expose those venues, creating virtual representations of badge "hot spots" that people can check in to for steps towards multiple badges. As we go forward in time, more and more of these "hot spots" will be identified by my system, and this list will grow.

How does it work?

The idea is when registered users of earn a foursquare badge, they enter the foursquare venue ID of that venue on My database then cross checks that venue against all of the other venues users have entered. Wherever there is a match, the system creates a "hot spot" and displays that venue's information on this page along with the badges people have earned at that venue. Cool, huh?!?

THIS IS AWESOME! How can I help?

Well, I am glad you asked. 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign up on (which is free and a step necessary to track idiots who want to spam my site with false links to their venue claiming you can earn badges there)
  2. Log in and go to the badge page of a badge that you have earned
  3. Add the venue you checked in to that earned the badge
That is it! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and help the project!


This list is compiled using data entered by registered users of The accuracy of this list depends entirely on the accuracy and honesty of the people who are entering the information. Also, checking in to a venue listed here DOES NOT automatically earn you all of the badges listed for that venue. Seems like common sense, but I guarantee there will be people who leave comments that thought otherwise.

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Venue Badges Earned (# of people who reported getting it at this location)