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For those who do not know -- I am not sure how you couldn't -- when you check in on foursquare, you earn points. It used to be simple. Not so much anymore. Now there are several different point values for different accomplishments, not to mention a new way of keeping track.

Points used to reset every Sunday night at midnight. Not now. What you see now is a total accumulation of the points you have earned in the last 604,800 seconds (exactly 7 days). I put it like this to illustrate that the points are updated by the second. People were getting mad, claiming that their point count kept changing without checking in. Now you know why!

Here is a list of points and how to get them. This list will grow as more point values are found. I hope you enjoy!

Message Points Frequency/Remarks
*Friend's name* just checked in with you (for the first time in 2 months!) +3 After checking in with friend after 2 months apart.
¡Happy Cinco de Mayo! +3 Only on 5 May.
1 year ago today, you found a crazy little app called foursquare. Thanks for hanging out with us! +5 Your first two check-ins on your 1 year foursquare anniversary.
31 weeks in a row at Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA - a record long streak +3 once per venue?
342 miles since your last checkin! Varies No idea.
BFF Bonus: 3 days with thekruser this week! +4 Once per week?
Big day! That's 10 places today! +3 After checking in at 10 places in one day.
Every checkin counts! +1 Unlimited
First time at *insert venue name here*! +3 Unlimited
Happy Earth Day! Alternative transport FTW! +3 Once per year at Earth Day. For example checkin at train station.
Happy Fathers Day to all the father’s on foursquare! +3 First checkin on Father’s Day
Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's on foursquare! +3 First checkin on Mother's Day
It's your birthday! +5 Not sure yet.
New state! +4 Every time you check in to a new state.
No points for your first April Fool's Day checkin...Psych! +3 Once per year
Summer solstice bonus! +3 once per year - everywhere
That's 3 days here this week! +2 Once per week
That's 3 straight weeks at Malls. Holy Smokes! +2 After three weeks of check in's at location?
That's 3 weeks in a row at Dog Runs for you! +2 Three weeks checking in at same category.
That's 5 straight days at "enter venue name here - an all time high! +3 once per venue
That's real power! You're the mayor of a place with over 600 check-ins, *name of location*! +3 Given after 600th check in (even if you are not there)
The Mayor is in the house! +2 Every time you check in to a venue where the mayor is currently checked in if you are not friends with him/her. If you are friends with them, you get 3 points.
The world didn't end! +2 Checking in anywhere one time on May 22.
This place is swarming! +4 Unlimited
VIP! You're hanging out with the mayor! +3 Once per day.
Welcome back! You haven't been here in 3 months! +2 Unlimited
Welcome! It's your first checkin in *enter country name here*! +5 Every time you check in to a new country.
Winter Solstice Bonus +3 Once per year - everywhere
Winter solstice! 2 Check in on winter solstice? I'm not sure.
Wow, the last time you saw *enter friend's name here* was at *enter venue name here* 3 months ago! +4 Every time you check in with a friend that you have not checked in with in the past 3 months.
You checked in to a place none of your friends have been before! +2 Unlimited
You just became the mayor! +5 Unlimited.
You just stole the Mayorship! +5 When your check ins out number the current mayor (current mayor gets outsted)
You used an alternative transportation on earth day! +4 So far confirmed with a boat, train, and bus on earth day to get these extra points
You're creeping on a friend's mayorship turf! +2 Once per day per venue
You're the Mayor! +3 Once per day for full point value.
Your first *enter category name here*! +1 Every time you check in to a venue with a category you have not been to yet.

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