So glad you stopped by! I used to maintain all of my foursquare information on, but the demand warranted a site of its own.

What will I find here?

Put simply, all of the information you want on foursquare badges. My goal is to help others get the badges they want the most by providing hints on what the requirements are.

There are a lot of foursquare badge lists out there. Why should I come to yours?

Two reasons:

  1. This is the only site where your opinion matters. You can vote on what instructions work and don’t work. If you think they are all wrong, you can submit your idea for others to vote on.
  2. I have a Badge Hot Spot locator. As visitors add the spots where they have earned the badge, more Hot Spots will be unveiled.

Page List

Badge List

Here you will find a compiled list of the foursquare badges I have information on and how to unlock them. The unlock instructions are voted on by my visitors so you can see what others think as well. If you think you know how to unlock a badge, please feel free to add your ideas to the list!

Points List

Here you will find a crowd-sourced listing of what points you earn with your check ins.

Badge Hot Spots

This is something unique to a listing of venues where others have reported that they have earned multiple badges. Check out the page for more information. WARNING: it takes a while to load. When you open it, it scans my databases for the most updated information.


The Commentary page will be the home of posts about foursquare.


News about

Change Log

Interested in how my project is porgressing? You will find what you are looking for here.